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Lumina Informatics offers I.T. professional Services to companies all over Cyprus.



Our goal is to provide an invaluable service and to offer our expertise in all aspects of computer hardware, software, maintenance and deployment.


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Computing is a Creative Activity Which Applies Appropriate Technology to the Solution of Problems.

1. Investigation and analysis of the problem

2. Design

3. Evaluation of feasible solutions

4. Implementation of the most cost effective way of meeting user needs

We work with a large proportion of our customers on a support agreement basis, many of whom have been with us for years.


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We work with some of the best to reach the greatest results!

Microsoft, IBM, DELL
are some of our partners.


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Don’t worry! We have the solutions for your case.

Share your thoughts with us, and be free to ask any questions.

We always have fresh ideas.


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Since February 2002, Lumina Informatics has been active in the I.T. sector offering professional services to companies all over Cyprus.

Our goal is to provide an invaluable service and to offer our expertise in all aspects of computer hardware, software, maintenance and deployment.

We always study and aim to understand how a business works and then proceed to implement the correct technology. Many I.T. companies today are trying to sell their customers cutting edge hardware without there being a real need for such advanced technology. We, as a company, always keep our knowledge at a very high level, following the new improvements and developments in the I.T. sector but we never standardize our solutions because each customer requires special attention and a solution which is tailored to their needs.

Lumina Informatics is specialized in Open Source Implementation. We strongly believe that Open Source Solutions have the capability to offer excellent solutions to any business, giving the stability and flexibility that a company needs for an ideal working environment. With no licensing fees Open Source helps to keep costs down to a minimum.

Our Staff has more than 15 years of experience in computer science with a background of administrating and supporting networks in various business sectors such as Hotels, Lawyers, Retail shops, Tourist Offices, Accountants, Warehouses, Architects and many more and we are in a position to provide you the best value for money solutions without compromising efficiency and stability.


We cover all your I.T. management and support needs. Preventing maintenance will keep your network up and running with minimum downtime.

Areas of Support
• Proactive Network Management
• Remote Monitoring
• Remote & On-site Support
• Virtualization & Disaster recovery Planning
• Data Protections (Backup and Restore Planning)
• Design and Implementation of New Projects
• Hardware Upgrades
• Virus and Spyware Removal

I.T. Support
"Providing Quality 24/7 Support"

Lumina Informatics works closely with its customers to understand their current requirements, future plans and budgetary restrictions. Increased efficiency and cost savings are paramount.
The right planning is essential for successful implementation!
• Professional planning, implementation, sourcing and maintenance of networking solutions
• Stage by stage consultancy for increased efficiency and cost savings
• Dynamic total solutions for all your requirements
• We combine the collective technical and business skills of all people in an organization for a highly effective infrastructure
Keep your systems running at optimum levels of performance with a Lumina Informatics Support - Maintenance Contract. A variety of support services from a fully supporting labor contract through to systems health checks designed to your requirements.

24/7 Monitoring
"Virtual Administrator for your Server"

One of the most important jobs of an Administrator is to constantly monitor the servers in order to have a clear picture of their status. 24/7 Monitoring is a software which can be installed on each server that needs constant monitoring and it collects grouped errors from the event log on the servers i.e. application errors, system errors, DNS errors, active directory errors, etc. The key factor of this software is that all information is sent to a central location that can be accessed remotely without the need of physically accessing the server.

Backup +
"Backup and Data Recovery is the ART of I.T."

Backing-up your data is probably the most important job that you have to do when it comes to computers. Lumina Informatics takes the Backup procedure one step further. We have developed custom scripts that can be run on each server and at prescheduled times can transfer all critical data to a remote location. This service does not replace the backup of data that you have to perform locally in order to secure your data in case of data loss.
Remote backup data is sitting on a server located externally which cannot be affected by the organization’s internal network As data is not open to your network, technical disasters cannot affect the data. It stays clean and trouble free until you solve your technical issues, human disasters, or natural disaster. When you need to recover your data, it is waiting safely for you, unharmed and clean from the risks and threats at hand. The organization’s connection to this server is the internet and only through authentication and authority can someone download or retrieve the data.

Custom Software
"Custom Software Development at your Disposal"

As each organization has its own procedures and work flow we understand that the system must be able to adapt to any demands the organization has from its market. This calibration of the software is discussed between our consultants and the client before it is implemented within the organization, covering and calibrating the system’s functionality, user privileges, web presentation for the organization’s customers, as well as for the administrators who will be maintaining the system data.

Luminas Artificial Intelligence (LAI) Solution

Luminas Artificial Intelligence (LAI) Solution, developed by our team with state-of-the-art design patterns using open technology stacks. Is a powerful, dynamic solution that offers benefits to help fight modern financial crime. Financial Institutions are increasingly utilizing AI-driven fraud, money laundering and risk management solutions to automate tasks, reduce false positives, and gain efficiencies. The financial industry has recognized that systems harnessing the power of AI will lead the way to the future of financial crime management.

Luminas AI (LAI) solution offers sophisticated algorithms, smart contextual whitelists and robotic process automation, dramatically reduce overheads and costs.

Luminas AI (LAI) solution is preinstalled in a high performance computing and delivers exceptional performance together with the highest possible availability. A fast and resilient solution, handling exceptional high volumes of transactions and throughput in the industry, the solution is relied upon from small financial institutions to very large banks.


We work with some of the best to reach the greatest results!

Microsoft, IBM, DELL
are some of our partners.

41-43 Artemidos Avenue, Poetis Tower Office 1-2, 6025 Drosia, Larnaca, Cyprus

+357 24 818111

+357 99339513
+357 99573925

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